Fourth generation farrier specializing in Lameness prevention. Give me a call to schedule an appointment: 541-680-3157

Quality Farm-Raised Beef

Place your orders four our farm-fresh non-certified organic beef.  These steers have had the run of 500 acres of pristine mountain pastures.  We sell them on the hoof or by hanging weight.


Boer Goats

Boer Goats Boer are available in the Fall.  See images below of our farm-raised, grass-fed goats. Please place your order now by calling Doc.


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Farrier Service

Doc Jackson is a fourth generation farrier specializing in Lameness prevention. He has been shoeing his own horses since he was a teen. He learned farrier work from his grandfather and father, later attending farrier school to round out his knowledge base. “My grandfather cared about the maintaining the soundness of a horse and preventing lameness long before it was popular.”

You’ll also find that Doc Jackson maintains his integrity and down-home roots. He doesn’t believe a fancy farrier means a quality farrier. He provides the best service in Lane County and stands by his work.

Jackson Cattle Company sells quality Hereford Cattle that free-range over 500 acres of pristine Oregon mountains.  They are strictly grass-fed without hormones or GMO feed.

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